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~ My colleague, NAITO Kaname, invited me to join him in visiting the Xianyin Mosque, 仙隐寺, a bit north of downtown Hanzhong, 陕西汉中. It was my fourth visit. The tranquility was striking, accentuated by the well-maintained grounds. The elderly caretaker graciously offered us tea and Islamic-style bread following our slow-pacd photography.
仙隐寺 TilesHigh AspirationsPotted AcerBuilding BlocksRusty PatinaBananas with Yellow WildflowersGently Curved DecorationArches Within ArchesEcological HarmonyBotanical CantileveringStylized Moon GateThe Epitome of BalanceCivilizationIncense Burner with Arabic InscriptionWithin the BurnerKneeling RamWords as DecorationPitted with AgeDrawn Back to RevealCentral Blossom Cluster

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