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~ The sunny Easter Sunday afternoon in Venice was all the more pleasant as I was able to photograph the extraordinary Byzantine and Medieval ornamentation on the exterior of Basilica San Marco…Venetian captains brought back carvings and rare stones from around the Mediterranean in order to embellish Basilica San Marco…the rich colors and intricate patterns of the stonework made for fine subjects for the camera lens
Adam & Eve on San MarcoAdam & Eve with Preserved ModestyBathed in Afternoon SunlightI am the Vine, You Are the Branches - Pilaster of AcreSuperb Craftsmanship!Stone Insets from Distant LandsHighly Decorative StoneworkThe Four EvangelistsDiocletian's TetrarchsThe TetrarchsSpikes Prevent Pigeon DamagePilaster of Acre and CampanileColumns, Arches, Sculpture, MosaicColumns of Rare Stone Given as TributeSupport and BalanceSkillful Architectural EngineeringAncient Symbols Surving in the 21st CenturyIntertwined Stonework PatternMarvelous Inlaid Stonework

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