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~ In all of the game drives in all of the safaris I've been privileged to enjoy, no sighting, no species, no event was ever described by guides or rangers as being genuinely unusual except one...this sighting of a mother Ardeotis kori, Kori Bustard, walking with her small chick down a track. Both Derek and Meshack reacted with considerable surprise, saying that it was unprecedented in their experience to observe such a tiny Ardeotis kori chick out of hiding. After viewing them from behind, the vehicle was quietly repositioned in front. The cryptic plumage of the chick and striking eyes were a contrast to its watchful and far larger mother. This sighting was both a highlight of the safari and one of the very finest sightings I ever enjoyed in Africa.
Ardeotis kori With Her ChickWatched by a Small BirdProtective LookAfter Repositioning the VehicleSmall Ardeotis kori Chick Walking With MotherKori Bustard Mother and ChickDeparting Small Bird in the BackgroundFront View of Ardeotis kori Mother and ChickArdeotis kori Chick at Mother's FeetChange of DirectionArdeotis kori Mother and ChickThe Chick Goes Into Protective CoverOff Into the GrassNoble Mother

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