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~ Two days prior to the arrival of the Lunar New Year, 2017, I walked to Hanzhong's city center doing street photography. Wearing several layers of clothing for protection against the chilly winter temperatures, I used the Sony RX1 R camera throughout the walk. The aim was both to photograph Lunar New Year preparations and to show urban Hanzhong's character. As 2017 is the Year of the Rooster, it was serendipitous to encounter a small flock of chickens. This gallery's images are presented in chronological order, providing a sense of walking westward through the city. Aside from very limited cropping, absolutely no post-processing of any sort has been done to the images, in order to preserve the casual spontaneity of street photography.
Street DecorationsBlue Kitchen Window in Lower CenterNorth Gate Red Lantern QuartetUniversity's North EntranceTea VendorWall PropagandaBoxed Fruit for Holiday GiftsVarious Gift BoxesDecorated LaneCoarse JacketArchetypal Local Floral ArrangementsNew Year Wishes for WealthStreetside Snack VendorPre-printed New Year CoupletsPrinted in GoldAll Somewhat AlikeWhatever You Like As Long As It's “福”Large-scale Gift Fruit VendorWhat's on OfferFor Those Who Like Citrus

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