Zenfolio | Tom KELLIE | Nairobi — Rhino Close-ups While Grazing
Created 25-Jan-18
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~ At the closest approach to the vehicle, Saruni and I watched in admiring silence. The camera lens wasn't able to photograph more than details on the face, due to the exceptional proximity.
Fresh Mud on a RhinoAfternoon DiningFertile CrescentRhino ScimitarClose-cropping the GrassTerrestrial LandscapeTête-à-TêteWildflowers and HornsMaximum ProximityEye of RhinoNever Free from BugsLet The Sun Cleanse and Dry

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Keywords:Ceratotherium simum, EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II, EOS 1D X, Kenya, Nairobi National Park, White Rhinoceros