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Created 3-Feb-18
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~ Saruni handed me over to a Gamewatchers driver who took me to Wilson Airport from the Gate of Nairobi National Park. The garrulous driver surprised me by bringing up U.S. Republican Primary candidate Donald J. Trump. He emphasized to me how much he admired Mr. Trump's forthrightness, independence, acumen and courage. As events turned out, he was prophetic, as with in one year Mr. Trump became President Trump. In the Safarilink terminal there were signs strongly opposing the purchase or transport of elephant ivory. I felt the jitters, as it was to be my first experience in a Cessna in Kenya. However, as the weather was lovely, there was no valid cause for anxiety.
Ready for a Drive to Wilson Airport from The Park GateBanners at SafarilinkSafarilinkAircraft Awaiting PassengersWilson Airport on a Monday Morning

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