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Created 4-Feb-18
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~ Upon the initial arrival at Porini Lion, I was assigned to Tent #7, Kiboko. Camp Manager Harry explained the camp and procedures. Testing out the camera and the 400mm lens, images were made of a Martial Eagle, an immature Bataleur, Common Bulbuls and butterflies. The Ntiakntiak River running through the camp showed evidence of recent high water. In mid-afternoon there was a rainstorm which persisted for nearly half an hour. I lay on the tent's bed, resting, listening to the splashing, glad to be in Africa.
Porini Lion Manager Harry Welcomes GuestsHarry Explaining Porini Lion's FeaturesView Out from the Main TentAcacia Blooms — Porini Lion Arrival Test ShotMartial Eagle Passing OverheadColotis incretus in ShadeImmature Bataleur with Transition PlumageTerathopius ecaudatusNtiakntiak River by the Camp With Signs of Recent High WaterQuizzical BulbulPycnonotus barbatus AerobaticsBlue Butterfly AnticsSipping Nectar on a Humid AfternoonTent #7 Kiboko in a Rainstorm

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