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~ The mid-day drive under sunny skies was transit fro the airstrip to the camp, rather than beng a formal game drive. Nevertheless, it being in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy adjacent to Masai Mara National Reserve, the Masai guides were scanning for wildlife of interest. A topi on a mound and an elephant under a tree were the initial sightings. It was a welcoming sight to see Cycnium tubulosum's fragile white blooms in the short grass. The highlight was an extended encounter with a mother Acinonyx jubatus, Cheetah, and her three cubs. Called Musiera by guides, she went ahead, looking back to watch her cubs make their way in her direction. A green truck from the Mara Cheetah Project was present, monitoring the situation. Musiera and her cubs looked well-nourished, which was encouraging.
Masai Mara in February, 2016Damaliscus lunatus on a Small MoundTopi ProfileFirst Elephant SightingMara Cheetah Project VehicleCheetah For EverImpala Herd Spread OutJackson Points Out A Possible SightingCycnium tubulosum Blooms Scattered Aroundthe GrassThree Cheetahs SittingCheetah Resting in Green GrassFemale Cheetah Musiera with a Cub on the RightHer Three Cubs Gradually Catch Up with MusieraA Trio of Dawdling Cheetah CubsMusiera Waits for Her Three CubsAcinonyx jubatus Seated in Short Green GrassView From Within the Safari VehicleCheetah Cub Near Its Sibling Resting Under a Tree at LeftAcinonyx jubatus SiblingsOne Cheetah Cub Approaches Another

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