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~ As these would be the ultimate nature images of the safari, the late afternoon stroll around the grounds of the National Museum of Kenya was doubly precious. Every leaf with sunlight illuminating its chlorophyll, every mousebird feeding in bushes, every brightly blooming flower, every Sykes Monkey in a tree, every thorny cycad — they all were treasures as I didn't know when or if I'd ever see their like again. As it later happened, I'd revisit the gardens in May and July of 2015, but at the time that remained unclear. Neither drama nor novelty is needed to dress up the beauty of the gardens of the National Museum, which remain the heart of my Kenya safaris.
The Sky Is AliveIn a Yellow ToneIn a Red ToneCrossed VinesA Touch of BlueElegant FernsVenerable CycadOverhead TangleWatchful MousebirdDrooping TailPeace PathSerinus striolatus on a Flowering PlantCardinal's VestmentsIn a Cycad's HeartReminder of Home

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