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~ As a Safarilink pink ticket passenger, I was guided with 11 other passengers to a 12-seat Cessna with two pilots. A group of São Paulo, Brazil visitors was headed to Angama Mara at the Kichwa Tembo Airstrip. I was seated in the last row on the left, which turned out to be optimal for aerial photography. During the initial ascent after take-off the aircraft passed over the construction of the wide-gauge railway within Nairobi National Park. A mother white rhino and calf was directly beneath the flight path soon after take-off. Kibera was a dramatic contrast to the homes beside it.
Safarilink PilotSeated, Awaiting Take-offAcceleration for Take-offResidential Development Beside Wilson AirportCommencing Climb Post-Take-offWide-Gauge Railway Bed Construction Within Nairobi National ParkWide View of Nairobi National ParkResidential Structures Near Forested National Park LandFreeway Interchange by C.R.B.C.Nairobi Residential Development by KiberaUndeveloped Beside DevelopedLight Freeway Traffic BelowMixed Use with Several Substantial Structures

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