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Created 8-Feb-18
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~ Derek and Meshak rapidly spoke in their language, driving off to an area without any tree cover. Two Gyps africanus were on a tall snag watching activity within the grassy expanse. A mother Acinonyx jubatus, Cheetah, and her three cubs were feeding on the carcass of a freshly killed Aepyceros melampus, Impala. The cheetah mother turned out to be an old friend from the July, 2015 safari, when Anthony Gitau guided ZHU Jinjie and I in Masai Mara. After lunch and a view of the Mara River crossing, we'd headed into a grassy area, finding a mother cheetah with four tiny cubs. In both cases the mother cheetah was Amani, now with one less cub than in the previous year.
Amani and Cubs RevisitedKeeping Watch While Cubs EatAcinonyx jubatus Family With an Impala CarcassGyps africanus Watching the Cheetahs

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