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~ After slight difficulty at JKIA over entering Kenya with an eVisa, I was taken by Dennis of Gamewatchers Safaris, and driver Alex, to the gate of Nairobi National Park, arriving in early afternoon. Masai guide Andrew Saruni picked me up at the gate, taking me into the Nairobi Tented Camp, noting wildlife along the forested drive. To my great surprise, Gamewatchers Safaris Founder and CEO Jake Grieves-Cook was there. He graciously greeted me, asking the camp manager to take good care of me during my stay. His kindness in stopping by to greet me is a unique touch I'll never forget, especially because it was Jake who made this safari possible. I was already booked at Leopard Hills in Sabi Sands, South Africa when I contacted Jake to see if there was any last minute availability at Porini Lion. His daughter Robyn Beattie went to great lengths to arrange the booking, only confirmed and settled when I was at Leopard Hills. Jake's can-do spirit made possible this safari, which was booked at the last possible moment. Jake has educated me about Kenya's conservancy concept, therefore I feel indebted to him for expanding my limited understanding. Truly a great guy!
Nairobi Tented Camp MeetingWith Jake Grieves-CookWithout Jake's Assistance, This Safari Wouldn't Have Happened

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