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~ Zuji ate poison bait during an evening walk on campus. His kidneys began malfunctioning on a Saturday, with full-blown serious symptoms late Sunday evening. Two visits to Dr. WANG Bo confirmed kidney failure. In the late afternoon of Tuesday, 10 April, 2017, he went into his wire crate where he'd slept in his puppyhood, as he feels safe there. He bloated up, refused food and water, didn't relieve himself, and became unresponsive. His friends WANG Mingliang and LI Chuanlei visited for several hours, then HUANG Kun, LI Qiang, HU Tong and YANG Wenbo visited, after having been told by LI Shaobin who visited with packages, including a Montblanc Bespoke Nib. Zuji survived for two more days, but was uncomfortable. He stopped jumping or playing with his toys. On Friday, 13 April, 2018 he was unusually affectionate, seeking to be close, but making small pain sounds. I'd stopped all other activities to be with him around the clock for several days. I slept more than ten hours to make up for the days of no sleep. At around 2:30 pm he had an extended seizure on the kitchen floor. There was substantial evidence of a stroke. He lost motor control, walking in clockwise circles, crashing into the water and milk bowls, unable to drink. LI Chuanlei joined to take Zuji to Dr. WANG Bo. I carried him as he was too weak to walk, unlike yesterday when he walked all the way. Dr. WANG explained that there were measures to keep him alive but with a very low quality of life. It was decided to let him sleep forever. I went in another room after hugging and kissing him good-bye. We carried him home in a box. Several friends stopped by to extend condolences. WANG Mingliang sat shiva with me for many hours. At 9:30 pm WANG Mingliang, LI Chuanlei and I took Zuji to a quiet, secluded place by a pathway, under bamboo. Thanks to the heavy rain of the past two days, the wet soil was easy to dig. We buried Zuji, seeing him for the last time. Plants were arranged over his grave, as Zuji was especially fond of sniffing plants. In all respects, Zuji was a wonderful dog, who was truly a “nice boy’ and a “good dog” as I told him this afternoon while massaging the tremors on his forehead.
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