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~ Amani walked away from the impala kill, resting in tall grass perhaps 6 or 7 meters away. Her three cubs displayed their heritage as carnivores, feasting on the muscles and sinews of the impala carcass. On the back of their neck the frizzy dark fur of baby cheetahs remained.
Acinonyx jubatus Cub with Sibling and Impala KillLying Low in Tall Grass with LunchCheetah Cubs Feeding at an Impala KillCarnivores at WorkNot a Scrap RemainingIt's Not an Elegant ProcessStepping Up to the PlateFeasting on SinewsRipping off PiecesToothsomeMeat Enough for TwoAcinonyx jubatus Cub with a Fresh Impala KillIt's Entirely PersonalCub Watching Its MotherCheetah Cubs Are CarnivoresFly on Its ForeheadThere's More LeftCheetah Cub's Frizzy ManeInspecting the OffalSavoring a Delicacy

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