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Created 24-Jul-18
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~ After too many months away, in the afternnon I visited Starry Pub in the center of downtown Hanzhong. The proprietor, Zing, my friend of two years, joined me for a relaxed multi-hour conversation in the shaded part of the outdoor garden area. A bottle of Riesling Kabinett, a glass of Früli Belgian Strawberry beer, and a final glass of Lindemans Framboise Belgian Lambic Beer accompanied a meal of two Starry burgers, a Starry Traditional Hot Dog, and Cottage Fries.
Afternoon at StarryThrough a Champagne FluteAfternoon RieslingAt the Outset of a Happy Afternoon2013 Rheingau Riesling KabinettNicely ChilledGeorg Müller Rheingau 2013 Riesling KabinettFrüli Belgian Strawberry Beer in Teku Glasses2018 Starry BurgerCottage Fries with KetchupLate Afternoon LunchStarry Traditional Hot DogLindemans Framboise Lambic BeerZing Pouring the BeerClassic Framboise Belgian Lambic BeerStarry Garden Area

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