Zenfolio | Tom KELLIE | Porini Lion — Departing for the First Afternoon Game Drive
Created 4-Feb-18
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~ The extended thunder and lightning which accompanied the prolonged afternoon rainstorm was drama which shown in the clouds overhead after the storm was over. As others were headed out on a balloon ride the next morning, I was assigned to Derek and Meshak. An unshared vehicle on a game drive is the height of luxury. The vehicle forded several streams, spattering mud when tires spun. A Yellow-mantled Widowbird on a tall snag, a Greenshanks by a puddle and a Grey-headed Sparrow in the camp parking area were the initial sightings.
Passer griseusMasai Camp Staff MemberFollowing the Afternoon RainstormTurbulent Overhead VortexEuplectes macrourus After a RainshowerThe Rainstorm DepartsGame Drive Commences Under Dark SkiesTringa nebularia

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Keywords:EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II, EOS 1D X, Euplectes macrourus, Kenya, Passer griseus, Porini Lion, Sony RX1 R, Tringa nebularia