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~ The massive bulk of Ceratotherium simum, White Rhinoceros, contrasts with its gentle grazing. The quiet made it possible to hear the sound of chomping, as white plumaged egrets maintained an even pace with their immense host.
Ceratotherium simum MouthMud-encrusted HornEgret PlatoonLightfooted TrotDouble-backedIt Means BusinessSolidity is ProtectionThey All Have a PointReceiving EndPrepare for ImpactRugged IndividualistBird in Flight Image with RhinoPrimary Horn Yet ModestEgret Attendants in White UniformsOdd-toed UngulateSketch Artist's Dream PoseSomeone Has Had a Mub BathEars Remain Forward and VigilantPeaceful Unless ProvokedEgrets Trotting Alongside

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Keywords:Ceratotherium simum, EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II, EOS 1D X, Kenya, Nairobi National Park, White Rhinoceros