Zenfolio | Tom KELLIE | 奥林匹克森林公园 - Pieris rapae and Salvia farinacea
Created 6-Oct-13
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~ A Pieris rapae sipping nectar from Salvia farinacea provided the lens with a striking contrast…the powdery white butterfly and the intensely indigo flower had their individual beauty…when combined the eye danced over the juxtaposition
Antennae Poking Fom BehindComposition in White, Blue and GreenPieris rapae Dangling FeetPieris rapae Sipping Salvia farinacea

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Keywords:Beijing Olympic Forest Park, EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II, EOS 1D X, Pieris rapae, Salvia farinacea, 奥林匹克森林公园