Zenfolio | Tom KELLIE | Porini Lion — Panthera leo with Bucorvis leadbeateri
Created 5-Feb-18
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~ Our gradual progress over wet tracks brought us to a gentle gradient with a large expanse of short grass. Spread out near the track was a pride of Panthera leo, Lion, the Enkoyanai Pride. In less than 24 hours, the fourth of the Big Five I'd observed and photographed. We stopped at a distance at my request, enabling the 400mm lens to photograph all of them together. Not far behiind the pride, up the slope, a Bucorvis leadbetteri, Southern Ground Hornbill, was stalking prey, seemingly indifferent to the presence of the lions. Wings bolster courage.
On a Gentle GradientHornbill and Lion PrideBucorvis leadbeateri Behind Panthera leoDrowsy PredatorBeginning of a YawnNever Fully At EaseThey're Playing It As It Lays

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Keywords:Bucorvis leadbeateri, EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II, EOS 1D X, Enkoyanai Pride, Kenya, Lion, Panthera leo, Porini Lion, Sony RX1 R, Southern Ground Hornbill