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Created 9-Oct-13
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~ This series was taken when Yinan spotted this Pica pica on the ground…we tarried in order to photograph it foraging in the turf…it surprised us by walking towards us, opening the door to closer shots…it turned its head to more closely scrutinize the soil surface
Found in the SoilLooking BackwardsAnd You Are…?Photographed at Eye Level?Beak Used As a ToolAttention to DetailSeek and Ye Shall FindPrancerTurf Without SurfPica picaHead StartOn Closer Inspection...Head Cocked, Side GlancePica pica Portrait老北京鸟

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Keywords:Beijing Olympic Forest Park, EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II, EOS 1D X, Magpie, Pica pica, 奥林匹克森林公园